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Sensoji Temple in Tokyo’s Asakusa district is an Instagram favorite, particularly during sakura season. The temple’s grounds feature the striking shidarezakura or weeping cherry tree, renowned for its picturesque pink blossoms. For the best experience and photos, visit at sunrise to enjoy the serene ambiance and soft lighting with fewer crowds. Head to the Hozomon Gate, where the cherry tree is prominently located, offering a breathtaking backdrop against the temple’s historic architecture. This spot is a must-visit for capturing the perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage.


The area is famous for its breathtaking cherry blossoms along the Meguro River. While the spot I’m highlighting is one of the bridges offering a picturesque overlook of the sakura trees, it’s important to note that the river is long and lined with similarly stunning views. Each bridge along the river provides a unique vantage point for capturing the splendid bloom of sakura trees. If you find one bridge crowded, simply move to the next for an equally beautiful but less congested spot.


The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo, located beside the Meguro River, is a must-visit, especially during sakura season. Opened in February 2019, this architectural marvel offers stunning sakura views from its floor-to-ceiling windows and rooftop area. It’s become an iconic spot for capturing the beauty of cherry blossoms while enjoying artisanal coffee. Remember to take a queue ticket on arrival, as it can get busy during peak times. The combination of modern design, exquisite coffee, and the breathtaking sakura backdrop makes it an unforgettable experience.


Onibus Coffee in Nakameguro is a standout destination among the many charming cafes and restaurants in the area, particularly celebrated for its unique setting during sakura season. This iconic coffee shop, known for its quality brews and minimalist design, offers a special experience on its second floor. Here, visitors feel as though they are in a sakura treehouse, with the cherry blossoms at eye level, creating an immersive backdrop for photos. The view of the sakura trees from this vantage point is like being enveloped in a sea of pink blossoms, making it an ideal spot for capturing the essence of spring in Japan.


Chidorigafuchi, next to the Tokyo Imperial Palace, is a celebrated sakura spot in Tokyo. Here, you can rent a boat and row around the moat under the stunning cherry blossoms. It’s a unique way to experience and photograph the sakura, whether from the boat amidst the trees or from above on the banks. The boat rental location is the ideal starting point for this adventure. For the best experience, bring a companion to help capture these moments as you navigate through the breathtaking canopy of pink blossoms. Chidorigafuchi offers a picturesque and immersive sakura viewing experience, both on water and from the shore.


Yaesu Sakura Dori in Tokyo is a prime Instagram spot during sakura season, known for its stunning urban cherry blossom display. The street, lined with vibrant cherry trees, forms a beautiful floral tunnel, offering a perfect blend of nature and cityscape for photographers. This easily accessible location is ideal for capturing the essence of Tokyo’s spring – where the tranquility of blossoms meets the city’s dynamic energy. It’s a must-visit for anyone seeking to experience and photograph the unique beauty of Tokyo’s urban sakura.


Aoyama Cemetery in Tokyo, famous for its serene and picturesque cherry blossoms, is a unique Instagram spot during sakura season. The cemetery’s tranquil paths are lined with blooming cherry trees, creating a peaceful yet striking contrast between the blossoms and the solemn surroundings. This setting offers a distinct and reflective perspective on the beauty of spring in Japan. It’s a popular destination for those seeking a quieter, more contemplative sakura experience away from the city’s hustle.


Ueno Park in Tokyo is a renowned Instagram spot during sakura season, attracting visitors with its expansive and vibrant cherry blossom displays. The park, bustling with people enjoying hanami (flower viewing), offers a lively atmosphere amidst a canopy of pink and white blossoms. This setting provides numerous picturesque opportunities, from picnics under the cherry trees to leisurely strolls along blossom-lined paths


Shinobazu no Ike, nestled deep within Ueno Park in Tokyo, is a hidden gem for sakura viewing and an ideal Instagram spot. Less known and thus less crowded than popular locations like Chidorigafuchi, this tranquil pond offers a serene backdrop with its beautiful cherry blossoms. The quiet ambiance around Shinobazu no Ike is perfect for those seeking a peaceful sakura experience. Visitors can capture stunning photos of the delicate blossoms reflected in the pond’s still waters, offering a unique perspective on Tokyo’s cherry blossom season.


HAL YAMASHITA Tokyo Midtown, located in Roppongi, is a hidden gem and an exceptional sakura viewing spot. Renowned for its exquisite Japanese cuisine, the restaurant also offers a stunning sakura view, especially from its terrace seats. The terrace provides a unique vantage point to capture the delicate pink blossoms while enjoying a meal. Its less-known status adds to the allure, offering a tranquil escape from the more crowded sakura spots. For a blend of gourmet dining and picturesque sakura scenery, securing a terrace seat at HAL YAMASHITA during cherry blossom season is highly recommended.


Tokyo Sky Tree, paired with the early-blooming Kawazu sakura, presents a stunning Instagram spot during Tokyo’s sakura season. Kawazu sakura, known for their early blossoming, create a beautiful contrast with Japan’s tallest tower in the background. This unique combination of modern architecture and vibrant pink florals offers a captivating scene for photography enthusiasts. The sight of the Sky Tree rising majestically above the soft hues of the cherry blossoms provides a striking and memorable image, perfect for capturing the essence of early spring in Japan.

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