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Welcome to my newest guide of Tokyo, I have been wanting to make this for years because I just love Tokyo so much and I used to live here for years. Even when I didn’t live here, I spent most of my time between Jakarta and Tokyo back and forth for 10 years so I think I know pretty much the it spot, the tourist spots, as well as the hidden spots that only locals know

I wish this guide map is available when I first explore Tokyo so I don’t have to spend hours of searching and walking around the city and get lost in the process. And with that said, I make sure to include 100+ list of Tokyo Instagram Spots worth a visit and divide it per area for your easy navigation. For SAKURA, I make it separate so it’s easier for you to visit the place when it’s needed

You can click the link above and add it to your google maps first, but I make sure to add each map on each spot more comprehesively on the guide, so you know what kind of pictures to expect and which spot is which because some are my personal tag

Hopefully this guide would be useful for your next trip and save a lot of time and steps to find this hidden spot

And let this spot stay hidden, it’s our little secret~!

With Love,

Stella Lee

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