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The Most Comprehensive Guide to Japan That You've Been Waiting For!

Say goodbye to 100+ hours of research on google, and scrolling Instagram like there’s no tomorrow. All you need is just this guide and you’re ready to go!

Price Rp. 495.000 Rp. 350.000

Can’t imagine how much you’re saving ?

✅ 300+ hours of research

✅ 100+ hours of itineraries planning

✅ 1000$+ money saving tips

✅  Priceless Information

What Do They Truly Say?

Stella has held a long-standing position as a travel content creator, and her in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is distinctly noticeable in her writing. She expertly conveys her familiarity with the locations, offering insightful and valuable recommendations. The guide she has authored is both exceptionally written and organized in a systematic manner.

One particular element that stands out to me is her ‘Travel Calendar’ series. This section affords us, as readers, an understanding of what activities and experiences we could partake in during specific months when visiting Japan. It’s an invaluable resource for travel planning and it greatly enhances the overall experience of the journey.

Stella is an Internationally accaimed travel writer and content creator. She is highlighting the diverse of 47 Prefectures comprehensively. Completing Stellar Travel Guide is like create lasting memories already, offering an array of untold beauty of Japan. Embark on Introduction of Japan to essential tips and needs, with captivatingly stylish visual color arrangements and copy writing.
Getting to Stellar is half the fun as you planning your personal itinerary. Instilling a sense of wonders, Japan has so much to offer.

Think of Japan, think of Stella Lee! She’s the go-to person when it comes to Japan!

I wish this travel guide had already existed when I first visited Japan. My travel experience would have been so much different had I read this e-book before!

As someone who enjoys traveling but dislikes spending time researching for information and planning itineraries, this guide definitely makes all these processes easier!

Julian Tanoto - Founder of Cloth Inc



If you have any of them, then this guide is truly for you!

Unsure of how to plan your travel

This guide will assist you even if you never visit JAPAN before

Exhausted from weeks or even months of research

Althought it’s a complete guide, the guide is in module type which makes it easier to navigate

Struggling to read long text

This guide is all you need as it comes with all the information necessary to make your travel experience smooth

Feeling overwhelmed with all the online informations

We’ve gathered and refined the most valuable information for you, ensuring you can plan your trip without feeling overwhelmed

Uncertain about the credibility of the recommendation

This guide is the culmination of 10+ years of personal experience in traveling throughout JAPAN

What's Inside The Travel Guide?

MODULE 1 : Introduction to Japan

First thing first, we will learn about Japan origins, customs, and etiquette. Be surprised as I share a few surprising and interesting things about Japan

MODULE 2 : Best time to visit Japan

Within 10 years of traveling to Japan, this is one of most frequently asked questions that I receive and I am going to break it down to you about the best time and what you should do there

MODULE 3 : Japan by Budget

I have traveled to Japan in low cost / budget friendly when I was a student, to comfortable traveler, and also fortunate enough to enjoy their luxury. I will breakdown my tips and trick on each budget, and also share my favorite restaurants for every kind of traveler

MODULE 4 : The 47 Prefectures of Japan

Japan is not just Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka. I am sure repeat traveler would love to explore other sides of Japan but don’t know how, therefore I am here to explain each prefecture’s charm to you

MODULE 5 : Flower Calendar

Let’s study deeper about sakura / cherry blossoms of Japan, the many kinds of it, where to see it, and best time to catch a glimpse of their beauty. Besides that, I will also share other flowers in Japan so you can experience the beauty of flora in Japan

MODULE 6 : Transportation in Japan

Navigating your trip will never be complete if you do not master the way of transportation in Japan. I will share with you many Travel Passes that you can use besides Japan Travel Pass and also Scenic Train Ride As well

MODULE 7 : Digital Survival Guide

Interested to know what apps do I use whenever I travel to Japan to make my journey smooth? In this module I will also share japanese sentences you should learn too

MODULE 8 : Essential Tips and Tricks

From losing your passport, handling your luggage, to the point if you’re sick. There are many things to note if you’re traveling and I am here to share with you my own tips and tricks

BONUS : Sample Itineraries

Making itinerary is time consuming and exhausting so I am here for you. I will share a few sample itineraries whether you’re a first timer, repeat traveler, or even if you want to explore hidden areas like a local

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