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Stellar Travel Guide

I’m Stella Lee, a content creator, storyteller, and Japanophile who has been navigating the world of blogging since 2011. My adventure began with a simple blog, which slowly but surely turned into a platform that connected me to thousands across the globe. I’m proud to have represented Indonesia at the Global Influencer Award 2019 in Czech Republic. These acknowledgments have only fueled my passion to share, connect, and learn more every day.

My love affair with Japan was sparked at the tender age of six. A copy of Doraemon in my hands was all it took for me to fall head over heels with the culture, language, and people of this beautiful country. The comic awakened in me a dream to become a mangaka. So, I devoted three years to manga school, diving into the art form that I found so fascinating.

Our Vision

Every page of this guide carries a piece of my heart, my dreams, my love for Japan. It’s not just a travel guide, but a window into my journey. As you flip through these pages, I hope you will not only find tips and insights for your own trip but also embark on a journey of discovery and form your own love story with Japan, just as I did.

Our Proccess

At the age of 20, after much saving from numerous freelance jobs, I embarked on a solo trip to Japan, a dream I had nursed for years. For a month, I wandered through the heart of Tokyo, strolled around the cultural hub of Kyoto, relished the unique charm of Mie and Nagoya, and explored the surrounding areas. Each city held a new experience, a new story, and a deeper understanding of this land I so admired. This was only the beginning of my annual pilgrimages to my favorite country.

Through my collaborations with the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) and the Cool Japan program, I have had the wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into Japan’s enchanting tourism scene. Every trip, every exploration only deepened my love for Japan, and my desire to share these unspoken, hidden gems with the world grew stronger.

At 25, I took a leap of faith and moved to Tokyo, eager to immerse myself in the language, culture, and everyday life of Japan. Despite the challenges of a new environment, I was right where I wanted to be. But, as Covid-19 hit the globe, I was compelled to return to Indonesia. Japan, however, remains my second home. The people, the culture, the memories, all hold a special place in my heart.

To share my experiences and adventures, I have woven together this e-guide, a compilation of a decade’s worth of my life living and traveling in Japan. This guide is filled with beautiful spots I’ve stumbled upon, unique activities I’ve enjoyed, delectable foods I’ve tasted, and so much more.

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