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Bundling (Japan Travel Guide + 100 Tokyo Spot)

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Bundling (Japan Travel Guide + 100 Tokyo Spot

What’s Inside The Travel Guide?

MODULE 1: Introduction to Japan
First thing first, we will learn about Japan origins, customs, and etiquette. Be surprised as I share a few surprising and interesting things about Japan

MODULE 2: Best Time to Visit Japan
Within 10 years of traveling to Japan, this is one of most frequently asked questions that I receive and I am going to break it down to you about the best time and what you should do there

MODULE 3: Japan by Budget
I have traveled to Japan in low cost / budget friendly when I was a student, to comfortable traveler, and also fortunate enough to enjoy their luxury. I will breakdown my tips and trick on each budget, and also share my favorite restaurants for every kind of traveler

MODULE 4 : The 47 Prefectures of Japan
Japan is not just Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka. I am sure repeat traveler would love to explore other sides of Japan but don’t know how, therefore I am here to explain each prefecture’s charm to you

MODULE 5 : Flower Calendar
Let’s study deeper about sakura / cherry blossoms of Japan, the many kinds of it, where to see it, and best time to catch a glimpse of their beauty. Besides that, I will also share other flowers in Japan so you can experience the beauty of flora in Japan

MODULE 6: Transportation in Japan
Navigating your trip will never be complete if you do not master the way of transportation in Japan. I will share with you many Travel Passes that you can use besides Japan Travel Pass and also Scenic Train Ride As well

MODULE 7: Digital Survival Guide
Interested to know what apps do I use whenever I travel to Japan to make my journey smooth? In this module I will also share japanese sentences you should learn too

MODULE 8: Essential Tips and Tricks
From losing your passport, handling your luggage, to the point if you’re sick. There are many things to note if you’re traveling and I am here to share with you my own tips and tricks

BONUS : Sample Itineraries
Making itinerary is time consuming and exhausting so I am here for you. I will share a few sample itineraries whether you’re a first timer, repeat traveler, or even if you want to explore hidden areas like a local


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